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Hi guys i just want to know what benefits i can get if i buy or use cloud hosting and i also want to know that is the disadvantage using this one i want you to be honest guys cause im really planning to get this one and use it in future thats why i need an informative and reliable answers. Thanks!
There are numerous factors that are becoming the reasons for cloud adoption. Your business can get huge benefits from cloud no matter what's the size of your business either small, medium or large. If you need my suggestions then I will highly recommend you to go with cloud hosting and the reasons are following:
1. Flexibility: Users can scale services to fit their needs, customize applications and access cloud services from anywhere with an internet connection.
2. Scalability: Users can easily scale up/down their computing resources as per their requirements
3. Accessibility: Users can easily access cloud services from any location just with an internet connected device
4. Data security: Users will get full data security since cloud implements latest security patterns
5. Pay structure: Users need to pay only for what they use.
I literally work in this department. The whole thing is about accessibility. Accessibility is extremely important to more and more companies to be able to work from home on work documents. Cloud hosting gets you security, scaling your needs and accessibility. The only thing is looking into actually how often their cloud servers are down for maintenance versus being up, because even 8 hours of downtime can result in many lost sales and work hours for people.
Cloud hosting offers performance and security and you can scale with ease if you go with cloud hosting.
There are no drawbacks as such except it might cost you a bit more as compare to shared hosting. Other than that, it is easy to manage if you go with managed cloud hosting like WPEngine or Cloudways.

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