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By arochester
I was gifted a few 2007 clam shell Macbooks to try to repurpose them. I decided to install Linux Mint and use one as a Minecraft server for my daughter, who loves minecraft. I inserted the Mint iso cd and after typing the EFI password the install went like normal. When I got to the screen where to choose the installation type I chose to Erase disk and install Linux. A worming came up saying no EFI Boot partition was detected and that I had to continue at my own risk. The installation continued and rebooted; removed disk and all I got was the file folder with a question mark on it. What did I do wrong and how can I correct this?
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By geoxzd
Is the version of Linux Mint a 32 or 64 bit OS?
Some Macs have a special chip which only allows a 64-bit OS to be MacOS. Any other 32-bit OS is allowed by the chip. Maybe you can disable the Security and/or EFI?
The linux was 32 bit and I am quite sure the mac os was 64 bit...however from what I have understood from that when loading linux it has to be the 32 bit. I tried to disable the efi and security but could not get into recovery mode. These macbooks were given to me by the IT director from my local school. Supposedly the school system set the computers up so that you could not go into recovery mode.
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By geoxzd
You may need rEFInd as a boot loader as well as disable SIP in Recovery Mode. You may look into completely resetting the Mac to re-enable everything the school disabled (factory reset). This may require putting MacOSx back on it temporarily until you get the system back to default. Getting the system to accept Linux may be headache, but worth it once it is done.

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