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By meggan
Most of the web hosting packages include cPanel as a control panel. But is it very important? Can we replace it with something else (cheaper or house-made) without losing potential customers?
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By aronbrad
In short, yes! cPanel is a very popular web hosting control panel which majority of people are used to, allowing them to transfer to a different web hosting provider easily should they not be happy with their current web hosting provider. cPanel is very easy to use too and it does not take much time to learn it.
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By tanglee
you could replace it with Plesk or Webmin/Usermin but the brand strength of cPanel including the fact that it is a great hosting platform offset the increased cost.
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By farhandiesel
CentOS Web Panel is a good free alternative to cPanel. It also has a cpanel migration system, so you can migrate cPanel accounts without any lose of features

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