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By johnmiller
what type of hosting is required for starting a forum website?
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By birkof
If it's a startup there is no harm starting with a shared plan. You can always upgrade to a VPS as needed.
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By jetix
Depends on the forum software and what you're wanting to do with it.
If you need some extra control, extra modules installed on the server level etc, then a VPS is a good starting point.
if you're doing a general vBulletin, phpBB or other out-of-the-box forum software, then often a shared account is a good starting point.
Just keep an eye on server resources and speed. The moment you see a site dragging, it's time to upgrade hosting or potentially move to an alternate host that can support the software and traffic volume.
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By malin
In general words, if you want to check or doing experiment on forum, you should go with Shared in the beginning.
Once your forum subscriber get increased, you aware from future case its subscriber will be increase then immediately move on VPS.
This Suggestion is cost effective for you, you can do experiment without loosing more cost.

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